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First time here? For a quick start, on this page I will tell you about Ocwoy, our community and the most important parts of this project.

Step 1: Stay in Touch

To keep up with all the updates and news, I recommend subscribing to our social media accounts. In addition to news, I regularly post useful content, share recommendations, and provide additional materials.

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Step 2: Read Articles & Guides

On this site you will find useful articles and guides on a variety of self-development topics. Each article is carefully prepared to provide maximum value: I create illustrations, provide links to scientific studies, and prepare useful material.

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Step 3: Learn Notion

Study detailed, high-quality courses, Notion Guides, and useful templates to increase your productivity, earn more money, and organize your life.

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Step 4: Study Book Summaries

From time to time, I create book summaries – a detailed breakdown of useful ideas from the best and most interesting books I read. Many of the summaries come in both text and course format.

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Step 5: Join the Academy

The main feature of our project is quality and usefulness. We have our own educational platform where you can find a huge amount of both free and paid useful content: lessons, courses, a community of friendly people and a large amount of additional materials.

By joining our academy, you will not only get access to unique useful content, but you will also help our project to exist.

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Step 6: Use Tools

Gaining new knowledge and developing skills is a long and not the easiest process. However, we can use useful tools, great books, and additional materials to make the process of self-development easier and more enjoyable.

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Step 7: Join the Community

Our community is already hundreds of thousands of people across multiple platforms. Join our growing community so you don’t miss out on my quality and useful content.

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Want a Change in Your Life?

Join our educational platform: courses, articles, templates, worksheets, useful materials and regular updates.

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«If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things»

— Albert Einstein

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