Most Used & Useful Tools

Best tools, sites, and apps I use every day to be more productive, learn faster, and develop new skills more effectively.

Everyday Tools

Do you want to keep getting better and better at what you do? Then you need the best tools that won’t let you down.

Here are the best tools that I use all the time to work, study, and develop new skills.

Most Used & Useful Tools


Without a doubt, the most used and best tool for me for work, study and anything related to planning, outlining, creating to-do sheets and work databases.

Book Club

Our book club where we read and analyze the main ideas of the best books in video, audio, and text format. We also discuss books, review what we read, and apply it all through practice.

The Ultimate Book Guide

My most complete and up-to-date selection of books I have read and reread. Each of these books has had a major impact on my work, my personal life, and my way of thinking.

«It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves»

— Sir Edmund Hillary

More Useful Tools

In addition to these tools, you can find more of my tool recommendations below, divided into separate categories.


Below are some recommendations to help you read more, read faster, and remember what you read.


Best Books

The Ultimate Book Guide

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Maximize Productivity: 5 Powerful Time Management Principles

Useful Tools

Best Tools

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The Productivity Project

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In Search of Excellence

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George Miller’s Law

George Miller’s Law

Discover the George Miller Productivity Law, a key psychological principle, and learn how it affects efficiency and performance.

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