Best Tools for Content Creation

Useful tools that I use to create content for different platforms, maintain the websites, and create new projects.

My Content Machine

I have to create a lot of content for my projects, so I am constantly looking for and trying out different tools, sites and applications.

Here’s a collection of my favorite tools that help me create a variety of content, including social posts, animations, and websites.

Best Tools for Content Creation

Google Trends

Here you can see people’s real interest in a topic: how often people Google a particular keyword, and how interest in that topic has changed over time.


Search and analyze popular queries by keyword or phrase. You can use it to generate ideas for your content.

Best Creativity Books

My list of the best books on creativity.

These books will teach you how to create content and projects that people will admire.


Simple and useful tool for color design: color generation, color matching and selection of ready-made color templates.

Whisper JAX

A simple and fast AI tool for transcribing (generating text from video or audio).

Animation and Video Content

Adobe Tools

I use Adobe tools to create most of my content.

Adobe Animate – for animation;

Adobe Photoshop – for editorial and illustration;

Adobe Audition – for voice recording and editing;

Adobe Premiere – for post-production.


This is where I do all the sound design: adding audio effects, combining voice and music.

It’s a bit difficult to use at first, but the flexibility and “power” of this tool overcomes any initial difficulties.


Huge library of high-quality audio effects to use in your videos. Works well with Cubase.

Articles and Social Media


I use it to write posts and scripts for articles and courses. It’s very useful for creating databases for all your content.

On this website, you can learn how to use Notioncreate templates and earn money.


Application that lets you quickly create any simple visual diagram or mind map.


Useful, simple and free browser extension that highlights and corrects spelling mistakes in your browser, saving you time and allowing you to write more literate texts and messages.

YouTube: Analytics and Content


Here’s a visual demonstration of what a video’s title and thumbnail will look like once it’s uploaded and published to YouTube.


Useful browser extension to improve SEO optimization of your video content on YouTube and analyze the content of your competitors.


Great tool to view and analyze the views/subscribers statistics of any YouTube channel.

Starting and Growing a Website


Useful service that compresses the size of images without sacrificing quality for faster site performance.


Free tool for viewing and analyzing website statistics: analyzing audience, popularity and traffic sources.

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More Useful Tools

In addition to these tools, you can find more of my tool recommendations below, divided into separate categories.


Below are some recommendations to help you read more, read faster, and remember what you read.


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Best Tools

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