Best Health Tools

Great health tools to help you be healthier and more productive, feel better, make better food choices, and exercise more effectively.

The Most Important Tool

Our body is the most important tool we have. And the better we take care of it, the more effectively we can use it to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Here I’ve put together a variety of useful tools that can help us to improve the different areas of our lives so that we feel better and be more productive.

Best Health Tools

Loop Habit Tracker

In my opinion, this is the best free and easy-to-use app to track your habits with very detailed statistics.

Best Health Books

My current and largest selection of the best books on health, our bodies and healthy living.


Having trouble concentrating or sleeping? I recommend trying this free and in my opinion the best meditation app.

In addition to meditations and guides, you will also find sounds to help you fall asleep faster.

Exercise and Physical Activities

Tabata Timer

The simple, free and easy to use timer for your circuit training workout.

Food and Meals


In my opinion, the best free app for a balanced diet.

It may seem a little complicated to get started with, but is definitely worth checking out.


Sound Meter

Simple noise meter that can be used to measure noise levels in the workplace.

The huge, high-quality library of various nature sounds that can be played in the background while working to increase concentration.

Light Meter

The simple light meter for measuring light levels in the workplace. Can help create a more comfortable and healthy workplace.

«Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own»

— Bruce Lee

More Useful Tools

In addition to these tools, you can find more of my tool recommendations below, divided into separate categories.


Below are some recommendations to help you read more, read faster, and remember what you read.


Best Books

The Ultimate Book Guide

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Useful Tools

Best Tools

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